Introduction and History

The Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists is a non-profit International Society serving the leather sector and dedicated to the future of the leather industry. In our changing world information is the key to success therefore the Society was formed to encourage interest in all branches of the leather industry and it covers both the theoretical and practical interests of not only those involved in making leather but also the hide and skin trades, machinery, chemical and dye and finish manufacturers as well as allied industries such as effluent treatment. The interests of the Society cover chemistry of course but also physics, management, microscopy, bacteriology and engineering.

The benefits offered by membership of the SLTC include:

  • A Journal: hard copy or searchable electronic version via the SLTC website
  • Conferences and networking opportunities
  • Official methods of analysis for the leather sector
  • Professional Grade Awards – LSLTC, ASLTC, FSLTC
  • The dissemination of technical information via conferences, journals, access to past abstracts and technical/scientific publications
  • Access to video recordings of presentations made to the Annual Conference
  • Access to dedicated peer to peer professional Linkedin group
  • The opportunity to develop local groups to meet the needs of specific regions and groups of technicians

SLTC Origins

The origins of the Society go back to 1897 when the first ever international conference of leather chemists was held in London and subsequently The International Association of Leather Trades Chemists (IALTC) was formed. 1902 saw the publication of "Collegium", the journal of the IALTC. In July 1917, at the height of the Great War, the UK branch of IALTC split from the rest of the body, to create its own Society of Leather Trades Chemists comprising the main UK section plus the thriving South African and Australian Sections. Originally the UK section comprised of three regional groups which are now represented by the Northampton Group. During the separation came the split from the original European publication Collegium and formation of the new journal, JSLTC.
The final name change to Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists came about in 1972 to reflect the changes in membership interest.
SLTC is a member of a coordinating body the International Union of Leather Trades Chemists Societies – IULTCS

Test Methods

The Society is the originator of the "Official Methods of Analysis".  These methods were the reason for the first meeting in 1897.  They were last re-issued in 1996 with amendments and additional methods added until 2005 when ISO took over the responsibility for the joint IULTCS/ISO methods.  Since 2005 standards have been available from individual countries own Standards Organisations.  However many of the original methods have changed little and are still used around the world and are therefore useful documents.  Printed copies of the 1996 edition including amendments can be purchased from the online shop on this web site.

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