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Membership Application Form

Membership of the Society runs from January to December and the fees are as shown in the invoices provided under Membership forms. Once payment has been received you would receive six journals per year (any journal that you had already missed for the current year would be sent to you). Membership would begin from January of the current year, and is mainly for people who are active/interested in the leather industry. The advantages of belonging to the Society are that you will be entitled to apply for Professional Grading after a period of continuous membership. This allows you, if you satisfy the requirements, to add qualification letters behind your name and to add these to your curriculum vitae as they are recognised throughout the industry. In addition you gain access to a network of industry contacts and all members are invited to our annual conference (where you can meet these contacts).

New in 2007 was the addition of the electronic form of the journal. The electronic access will be most useful for those involved in any form of research. Journals from 2002 to the current issue are available on a searchable database. We have journals back to the 1950s partly ready to add to the current journals on line. Should articles from journals prior to 2002 be required at this time these can be provided at a cost of ~£10.00 depending on the length of the article. The article can be sent via email or the normal postal service.

The Society also offers, at a special price to members, the Official Methods of Analysis. This is a comprehensive description of how leather and its related products are tested – last amended in 2006. Also the Leather Technologists Pocket Book which is a must for all those actively involved in the leather industry.

Finally, the Society provides links to its members, to the American Leather Chemists Association and the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists. If, however, you wish for a company membership then paying a subscription to the Journal is more appropriate. If this is the case then please ask for the subscription details and these will be sent to you.

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