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Extract from review of the Pocket Book by Prof. Dr. Gunter Reich

Published over 60 years after the Atkin and Thompson edition of Procter’s Leather Chemists Pocket Book, the Leather Technologists Pocket book has 11 chapters with 206 pages on all stages of the leather manufacturing process, including effluent treatment and the cost structures of leather manufacture. A further 9 chapters with 160 pages provides a detailed description of approximately 100 conventional and unconventional leather test methods. A chapter on acids, bases and salts gives information about the laws concerning electrolytes through to explanatory notes on the law of mass action and pH value calculations. The final chapter gives advice on laboratory practices, from safety measures to statistical trouble shooting, log book management and much more. In an Appendix, important data is provided about conversion factors, units of measurement, preparation of buffer and indicator solutions, the composition of fats and oils as well as a table of approximately 100 SLTC Test Methods.

"Such a book has been long since needed and this book satisfies that need"

"It provided leather technicians and laboratory technicians with an urgently required guide for daily use"

"At the present time, no comparable book about this industry is available"

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