Official Method of Analysis

The origins of the Society go back to 1897 when the first ever international conference of leather chemists was held in London and subsequently The International Association of Leather Trades Chemists (IALTC) was formed. 1902 saw the publication of "Collegium", the journal of the IALTC.

The Official Methods were re-published in 1996 and any IULTCS methods it contained were amended up till 2005.

The Official Methods have now been reproduced in a digital format. 
They will be sold watermarked with the name of the purchaser added

For Members, the purchase price is £150.00 (buy here)  
(If purchasing as an individual, then the methods should be considered as a personal document and the SLTC politely request that the documents are not shared with anyone.)

For Companies, the purchase price is £500.00 (buy here)  
(Should the purchaser be a company then please follow the link above for a company purchase.  This higher cost entitles the company to ‘share’ the methods with its employees should it so wish.  It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that their employees understand copywrite infringement and therefore do not distribute any methods outside the company.)

Individual methods can be purchased at a guide price of £30.00. 
The purchaser will have to email to indicated which method they have paid for or for more information.

List of contents:
Fastness Test Methods          (SLF/IUF)       
Chemical Test Methods         (SLC/IUC)      
SLTC Chemical Test Methods                      
Physical Test Methods           (SLP/IUP)      


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